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toBoot enables the secure delivery of your parcels direct to your car.  

No more journeys to the delivery centre, or parcels thrown over the fence into the back garden. 

Just your parcel in your car!



Convenience delivered in 3 steps 

Never miss a delivery

The toBoot SmartBox lets you save time by upgrading your car and using your car boot like a concierge. 

Upgrade your car

Remote unlocking

Give couriers access

Turn your car into a "smart car" with the toBoot SmartBox. Works with any car produced since 1996.

Your package is left safely out of view in your car boot, no more missed deliveries or queuing at the post office.

Couriers can now open your boot to leave packages and ensure you always get your online orders on time.

Easy returns

No more queueing

Leave items for friends

Leave packages to be returned to online retailers in your own boot, and our couriers will collect it from there.

We work around your schedule and location to deliver without you having to lift a finger.

Leave items in your boot for friends and family to collect when convenient, even though you're not there.

Fast and secure

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Stay in touch

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Voice Assistant

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Apps you love

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Designed for you

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Precise timepiece

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You are unique. You have unique style and you need a unique watch for you. Choose from our collection of watches.

Pay as you go

Pay only on when you order something online

£2 per delivery


Monthly subscription

Monthly subscription which includes 4 monthly deliveries

£5 per month


Premium subscription

Unlimited monthly deliveries and returns

£10 per month


Watch Soprts Edition

Water proof and Fitness tracking



Never miss a delivery

Only £2 per delivery

Secure & Hassle free

Any time, any place

3. Send your package from any store or friend

We will give you a unique delivery ID and address to enter at any retailers checkout.  We manage the last mile delivery for you.


See what our customers say about toBoot. 

It was super convenient. I didn’t collect the item for 24 hours, as I was away – so it was great to know it was delivered safely and securely!

It was a huge convenience not wasting time travelling to parcel depots on the weekends.

I haven't looked back since joining and hope never to visit a parcel depot ever again!!”

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Got questions? We’ve got answers. If you have some other questions, feel free to send us an email to

What is Watch? How it works?

Watch took center stage at this year's Product Show with a preview of watch OS 2. The next generation of Watch software is packed with features that just might turn the device from a nice-to-have into a must-have. If you already own an Apple Watch, you'll have to live with the old software until fall. You’ll love it at the first use.

How the watch is made?

Watch has an anodized aluminum case (which is lighter than stainless steel) in silver or space gray, and the face is Ion-X glass, which also designed to be hard and rugged (as well as a little bit lighter) than the sapphire. It’s definitely the lightest of the three Apple Watch editions, making it an ideal exercise companion.

Can I swap out the watch band?

Absolutely. Watch comes with six bands that are easy to mix and match any band with any watch. You can swap them out as your heart desires without the aid of any tools—as long as the band and watch are the same size. (The Leather Loop band, for example, only fits 42mm watches, not the smaller 38mm size.)

So it’s a watch and a fitness tracker?

The accelerometer lets the watch count your steps, and it extrapolate distance on its own, or rely on the GPS in the paired Phone to trace your exact route. That step data comes in handy for two of the apps included on the watch: Activity and Workout. Both of the watch’s fitness apps sync data back to the Health and Fitness apps on your Phone.


Need more info? Please have a look at the tech specs of the watch. We’ve used Latest technology & quality materials


iPhone iOS 7 & up

Android 4.3 & up

Bluetooth 4.0

Notification for calls / texts


Set daily goals

Analyze history

Sync to phone & cloud

Connect to Apple health kit

Connect to Google fit

Watch firmware upgrade

Vibration silent alarms

Phone notifications

Daily goal reached

Daily wake-up alarm

Location assistance

Accessibility features



Activity tracking

12.6mm thickness

3.16L stainless steel case

40mm diameter

5 ATM water resistant

Sapphire glass crystal

Italian leather with natural lining

Comfort sport fabric

Quick-release pins

Step counting


Calories burned

Swimming (strokes)

Battery power




We are a small group of inverntors, hackers and designers from the differrent parts of the world on a mission.

Gary Elliott

Sara Mendez

Co-Founder and CEO

Lead Developer, Hacker

3D Designer & Prototyper

Co-Founder and CTO

Jeffrey Allen

Albert Castro


Here’s a roadmap of our product to highlight the milestones from the initial phase to delivery and future updates.


Mass Production


23 jan 2014

23 jan 2014

Testing Pre-Production Sample


23 jan 2014

Preview at CES


Croudfunding Campaign


And an optional description. You may add little description of your milestone if you want.

23 jan 2014


23 jan 2014

3D Prototype & Testing


Research and Development


23 jan 2014


Mobile App for watch

The smartwatch connects to your iPhone and other iOS devices using Bluetooth, alerting you to incoming calls, emails, messages and alerts. Customize your with over 1,000 watchapps found within the smartwatch app.


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 Never miss a delivery again!

Swiss ETA movement

Accurate, reliable

Standard CR2025 6+ months

Standard 364 for timekeeping 5+ years

Solar Power available as an upgrade

MEMS 3-axis accelerometer

Highly accurate

Low power consumption

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